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Address: near Neil Harris Cres
Forde ACT 2914


There is a cool playground at Heritage Park, located on Neil Harris Cres in Forde. The play area is unfenced, unsheltered and has soft fall underfoot. The play equipment includes a baby and a senior swing, various spinners, spring rider, tunnel slides, a challenging climbing set and a smaller slide with climbing net and some climbi ng frames for the younger kids. There is running a cute bike track around the play areas. At the side you can find a covered picnic area with tables and BBQ. Car park is close on Francis Forde Boulevard. It is a great place to heva a big fun and fine outdoor lunch with the kids.



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Other Nearby Playgrounds

  • Yerrabi Adventure Playground

    Playground:Yerrabi Adventure Playground
    This is a well equipped adventure playground for all ages and all abilities. It is situated next to Yerrabi Pond on Wunderlich Street in Gungahlin. The playground equipment has extra elements: giant Tarzan swing, crazy long double flying fox, extra long Burmese bridge. Also a fenced and shaded Liberty swing for kids in wheelchairs with a bench inside the fence. Of course, there is a play area for the younger ones which is set on soft fall underfoot and shaded by sails. It has baby and senior swing, crazy spinners, spring riders, monkey bar, flying fox and ship play structure with slide, bridge, sliding pole, climbing frames. There are superb tracks for bikes, scooters and rollers. If it's still not enough, you can find skate park and basket court. Sure, kids with any ages will find interests and exciting activities. The pond has plenty of bird life and ducks to view and feed them it is always interesting for the littlies. Nice grasslands with trees for relaxing walk. So, while children have fun, families can enjoy their barbecue as there are picnic areas with and without shelters, and people can also do sports. Car park is available right beside the playground. It is fantastic place with lots of facilities and activities, nothing is missing for a meaty, long and funny family day!
    near 14 Wunderlich Street, Gungahlin ACT 2912, Australia
  • Mirrabei Drive Reserve

    Playground:Mirrabei Drive Reserve
    This small playground is set on Mirrabei Drive near the Yerrabi Pond in Amaroo. It is unfenced, unsheltered. You can find fort, slide, small tunnel, climbing frames and a bench for the parents at the side. Some grassy areas around are good for sports and ball games. You can walk on track through the park and on the edge of Yerrabi Pond.
    near Mirrabei Drive, Amaroo ACT 2914, Australia
  • Mullion Park

    Playground:Mullion Park
    This park is locatedon Tanami Street. It is unfenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find two separate areas. On one area you can find two spring riders, a play system with a slide, a see-saw, a sliding pole and a set of swings. At another area you can find a merry go round, a set of monkey bars and a sliding pole. A bike track and parking is available at the side of this park.
    15 Tanami Street, Harrison Territorio de la Capital Australiana 2914, Australia
  • Franklin Park

    Playground:Franklin Park
    This playground is located on Flora Bassett Street. It is unfenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find a fort with a slide and a set of swings on one area. At another area you can find a slide and a mounted spring rider. Around this park you can find a bike track.
    7 Flora Bassett Street, Franklin Territorio de la Capital Australiana 2913, Australia
  • Jameson Shops

    Playground:Jameson Shops
    This playground is located on Kosciusko Avenue. It is unfenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find a fort with a slide, a monkey bar and a set of swings. You can find two bus stops and some shops near this park.
    Koscuiszko Av after 2nd Tiptree Cr, Palmerston Territorio de la Capital Australiana 2913, Australia
  • Crace Recreation Park

    Crace Recreation Park is a newly opened park with playground, multi-purpose sport and recreation facility provides irrigated open spaces, formal sports facilities. You can find it on Narden St in Crace, Canberra. The play area is fenced, the play equipment is set on rubber soft fall underfoot. It has challenging climbing set with various interesting climbing frames and ropes, slides, swings, spinners and more entertaining elements. For the older kids the park’s main feature would be the multi-use full sized sports court with lighting, which can accommodate basketball, netball and soccer. Also, skate facilities, a half court with a tennis wall and there’s a single cricket net plus a state-of-the-art outdoor gym. There are two kickabout spaces to accommodate younger users and families, and the other suitable for older users and more physical games. There are BBQ amenities and an extensive path system for general recreation. So, it is fantastic place for those who love sports and active recreations, with kids, too! You can help to make this article better by uploading some photos.
    near LOT 33 Narden Street, Crace ACT 2911, Australia
  • North Lyneham Playground

    Playground:North Lyneham Playground
    This small park is located on Cossington Smith Crescent & Fristom Crescent. It is unfenced and unshaded. As toy equipment you can find a play systm with a slide and a monkey bar. At the side you can find a bench.
    95 Cossington Smith Crescent, Lyneham Territorio de la Capital Australiana 2602, Australia
  • Corryron Garden

    Playground:Corryron Garden
    Corryron Garden Playground is a small, cute playground between Goodchild St and Fred Williams Cres in Lyneham. Unfenced, shady by trees. The play equipment is best suited for younger kids. There is a short tunnel slide, small rope climbing net and slide and some climbing frames. Parents can chill on benches at the side. Surrounded with grassy areas and trees. A lovely spot for a little being outside with the littlies.
    near 1 Goodchild Street, Lyneham ACT 2602, Australia

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